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        Product Center
        Product Center

        Ningbo Xinwei Packaging Co., Ltd. has only focused on one-stop service of planning, design and

         packaging for more than ten years. We are committed to providing brand strategy design, product 

        planning and packaging design, space strategy design and annual brand strategy services for high 

        demand customers who pay attention to brand strategy and brand image. With the joint efforts of

         well-known directors in the industry, Zhijian has attracted many customers by profession and reputation. 

        Many works have won German red dot award, if, Italian a'design, Taiwan Golden dot award, Hong Kong 

        HKDA global design and other awards; Xinwei packaging has customers all over the world and across

         major industries.

        We continue to learn, summarize and improve. After more than ten years of growth, we have learned

         how to better cooperate, take better care of our team and our customers. Our mistakes, accumulated 

        experience and cases will be our most valuable assets.

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